If you think the organoid technology will advance your research project, the Hadassah Organoid Center can help you

Options for Partnership

Our team can work in collaboration with your research team in academic institutions and bio-tech companies.

Drug Screening

Human organoids can be used for selecting the most effective molecules from your libraries, for tailoring drugs combination to each patient and for testing toxicities.

Model Development

Human organoids provide unique opportunities to model human diseases such as genetic disorders, inflammatory diseases and cancer. Next-generation organoid models can combine immune, mesenchymal, and vascular cells. Tell us what is the goal of your research and we will design the organoid model most suitable for your research needs.

Organoid Bank: Ready-To-Use Organoids

Our bank can provide researchers with ready-to-use organoids derived from tissue samples
obtained from healthy individuals, as well as patients presenting with a wide range of diseases.

Our Workflow

Tissue of Interest

The organoid bank is built from tissue samples obtained from healthy individuals, as well as patients presenting with a wide range of diseases. with a broad range of diseases as well as from healthy individuals. If an organ has adult stem cells, it can be recreated in an organoid. The tissue samples are retrieved from both healthy and pathological areas when possible.

Head & Neck
Small bowel
Large Bowel
Urinary Tract

The Process

Ethics Approval

The collection, storage, and use of organoids raise complex ethical challenges, particularly when they entail collecting samples from a diverse study population, performing genetic testing on the samples, as well as reporting the research results back to medical teams and patients. Maintaining the highest standards of regulation is the Hadassah Organoid Center’s priority and resources are dedicated to these endeavors.

We have the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH) approval for generating the Organoid Bank and conducting a wide range of research projects, including genetic research. An ethics application must be submitted for each specific project, for which we developed an efficient handling process in collaboration with the local ethics committee.

Partner With Us

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